Trail of Traits seeks to creatively weave an explorative trail throughout the Ars Electronica Festival, Linz. The project is aimed at exhibition patrons in addition to the general public who might be lured into the festival when stumbling across this project. Trail of Traits seeks to uncover significant landmarks within the Ars Electronica Festival 2013, Linz, encouraging participants to become part of the adventure.  

The project takes form as a series of discovery boxes which lead participants on a trail throughout the exhibition. These boxes sense the presence of those passing by, and chime, in order to capture audience attention. When opened, these boxes alight to reveal a secret message which leads participants on a journey, taking them to various cultural landmarks in which the Ars Electronica Festival exhibits their work. The boxes are coated with patterns which compliment their given location, whilst interior patterns are an additional clue to the next location that is part of the trail. The trail has no beginning or end point – users will simply stumble across one of these boxes at one of several cultural landmarks. In creating a trail throughout the Ars Electronica museum, this project serves as an adventurous means of exploring various landmarks, whilst promoting a deeper exploration of the festival.

This project was a collaboration with Interactive Designer and Artist - Andrew Bates