Butterfly Party


Butterfly Party

from 35.00

Fine art, archival standard print.

Printed on 305-308gsm, 100% white cotton paper, acid free.

Individually signed and numbered. 

Unframed. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery as prints are made to order. 

Artworks are packaged with care.


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Sitting before you in stunned silence

As my brown locks became grey threads

That day I learned how cruel the world can be

You held me close and cried with me

And I watched your graceful hands work subtly

Undefeated, moving knowingly

Weaving silver threads of fear and despair

No sorrow wasted gathered in your hands

A loving author - a graceful seamstress

In all your perfection you held me broken

Wove my horror into bliss

A blessed life in all my bitterness

And when I learned how kind this world can be

I sobbed for the times I thought you had left me

Eyes clouded with tears, I saw more clearly

My tired heart blossomed

And you danced with me