Building Bridges

Drawing on the use of metaphor in art and narrative therapies, Building Bridges is a designed resource which supports the metaphoric expression of challenges and their corresponding care needs, aimed at those who have experienced trauma and their trusted others.

This resource supports the creation of a metaphoric illustration using stickers and paper. Guided steps to help the participant illustrate their bridge included:

1) Select a background that represents your current emotional state or mood

2) Create a river from paper to flow through the scene, representing an area of your life that currently needs extra care or support

3) Place visual metaphors in the river to represent specific elements of this area in your life that need care

4) Create a bridge in the scene that represents how able you feel to withstand your stressors

5) Visuals on the land of things, people or places that can offer you care during this time.

This illustration can be archived for the participant to remind them of their strength, to reflect upon change, or to remember the things that can provide care to them throughout their challenges. It can also be engaged with alongside their trusted others, as a tool to support reciprocal reflection and expression of care needs.