Baking Biscuits (2013)

I'm not even sure what to say here. I don't really know how this animation came out of my mind. I feel a bit awkward about it and there is nothing worse than seeing someones face when they watch it. Some laugh, some are just plain frightened.  

Baking Biscuits was inspired by Snack and Drink (1999) - an animation by Bob Sabiston. Sabiston invented the software which allows you to trace over footage, turning this video footage into an animation - a technique called rotoscoping. I wasn't lucky enough to have a copy of this software, but I took the same principles to create the rotoscope effect, using Adobe Flash. The animation explores the mind of an eccentric through the every day task of baking some biscuits. It spent four long weeks, tracing over some footage I took of my mother baking and my sister eating. My sister and I then did some sound recording (we apologise for this) to create the sound effects. 

I'm travelling to Japan and South Korea later in the year, and I'm hoping to do use more of this technique on some footage that I collect there. There's a certain awkwardness about rotoscope, I can't get enough of it.